Connected Future uses Just-in-Time manufacturing to put any brand into the smartwatch market in record time


Connected Future – the new partnership between TCL and Montrichard announced today that they are implementing the FINS Lean Manufacturing System to power their smartwatch enterprise to improve quality, increase efficiency and avoid issues of obsolescence for their turnkey smartwatch solutions – improvements that will allow any brand to enter the smartwatch market fast.


As evidenced by recent products struggling to maintain relevance in the fast-moving smartwatch market, the issue of obsolesce for wearables is one of the main factors limiting the industry. The problem is twofold – from a technical standpoint, new features require frequent firmware upgrades and from a marketing standpoint, users prefer to update their devices and accessories often faster than traditional supply chains can accommodate.

Connected Future’s partners are uniquely aware of this obstacle. To overcome it they have implemented the FINS Solution – an end to end micro-manufacturing and micro-merchandising system that neatly solves the problems both on the hardware side and on the consumer demand side.

The FINS solution will allow Connected Future B2B clients to take full advantage of the only lean manufacturing and marketing system designed especially for the watch industry allowing their brands to become future proof. The Just-in-Time system has immediate and unique benefits for smartwatch clients:

  • Every order will be pre-loaded with the latest Firmware version avoiding watch inventories that are not compatible with the latest mobile phone operating systems.
  • Due to the micro-manufacturing flexibility of the FINS supply chain, each production batch has the newest electronic components and batteries which extend first cycle usage by at least 15%.
  • Clients can specify orders by country of destination to have specific marking or labeling done to satisfy any local regulation or requirements.

Connected Future powered by FINS offers the most cost-effective B2B smartwatch manufacturing program for the watch industry. It allows any brand to enter the smartwatch and wearables market quickly and successfully. The Connected Future ecosystem is tailored to keep initial investments low so that brands can design, iterate, market and test quickly and economically:

  • As a fully web-based system, any brand can work with the FINS development team to establish an exclusive online portal within Connected Future for customized catalogs and exclusive components using a visual real-time watch builder for different models.
  • Eliminate the 3000 MOQ typical of other smartwatch manufacturers by using Connected Future turnkey components as a starting point and adding branded dials and cases. Clients would only have to finance the components they wish to be exclusive.
  • This method reduces average cost by a factor of 10 and puts exclusive brand collections on the market faster than any other manufacturer.
  • Brands can take advantage of the small batch orders and FINS online merchandising power to provide customization, multiple collections by distributor, country or retail outlet or even create collections for third party or affiliated brands and partners.



Full implementation of the FINS software solution will be driving deliveries by July of 2017. A full demo of the Connected Future Smartwatch Ecosystem will be presented at Baselworld 2017. To attend the demo and learn how your brand can be profiting in the smartwatch market this year, click here:



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