How to Create Your Own Watch Brand with Montrichard Starter Packs

Create a Watch Brand

Anyone who appreciates watches knows how much work goes into producing a quality timepiece. From design to procurement, prototyping to mass production, there are a myriad of steps to get a watch designed and produced and finally, to your wrist. The process may seem daunting, but working with an experienced partner who can provide the guidance and expertise needed, cuts costs dramatically and removes risks for upstarts and brands that wish to add a watch to their line.

Like everything in life, the internet has democratized virtually every industry and watchmaking is no exception. The world is smaller, the tools at our disposal more powerful and the ability to communicate and sell online are readily available. The fact that anyone can use the same distribution methods as the world’s most powerful brands represents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs and startup companies. Today, anyone with a great idea well executed, can succeed. Starting a watch brand is no different.

create a watch brand

The Montrichard Starter Packs are a collection of services to help anyone, even individuals, successfully launch a watch brand.

The process can be broken down into 5 main phases:


A new watch always begins with an idea, a vision and a goal. The Montrichard design team is experienced with helping clients realize their vision and make it a reality. The first step is a design brief and initial sketches. From there, changes and optimizations can be made before computer 2D renderings are created. The MR team has created hundreds of watch designs and can help guide clients with ideas for any style of watch with any number of features. Once the design is revised and ready, computer 3D designs and technical drawings for prototyping can be finalized.



Once design, renderings, and technical drawings are complete, a client will possess everything needed to produce a prototype and eventually, a mass produced watch. At this point, Montrichard will produce a CNC machined, working prototype that is an exact version of your watch design.  A working prototype lets you understand the look, feel and operation of your watch design in the real world. It may also be used for photography, promotion and demonstration.



By minimizing initial investment in design, market validation and funding can be pursued with little risk, an incredible opportunity for makers and new brands. In fact, with quality 3D designs, a prototype and a brand presentation, the watch can be demonstrated for investors or presented to the public for crowdfunding and pre-sale opportunities that can fund mass production and marketing efforts.


Mass production

Once funding is secured, via investment, existing capital or crowdfunding pre-sales, mass production can begin. This step is one of the most misunderstood and difficult for new brands. Although you may have a great prototype, it is vital to ensure that your manufacturing partner has the capacity and quality testing procedures to mass produce on time and on budget. With 25 years in the watchmaking business, a high tech manufacturing facility, and the industry’s best quality control methods, Montrichard is qualified and ready to mass produce watches for large worldwide brands or upstart brands that require lower MOQs.


Marketing and sales

As experienced watchmakers, we know that launching a successful brand is more than coming up with an appealing design and producing a good working prototype. There are important marketing considerations. Is the product right for a particular marketplace or region? What competition exists? And what kind of pricing model is appropriate and profitable?

A thorough market analysis can help to answer these questions and the Montrichard consulting team can help. They understand critical marketing metrics and can identify opportunities in the crowded watch marketplace. This is an extremely valuable service to new brands who wish to concentrate on design and scaling their brand. Montrichard can make connections, create websites implement ecommerce solutions, and help with overseas sales and distribution.


If you have considered starting your own watch brand or adding a watch to an existing brand, the Montrichard Starter Packs can put you into the lucrative watch industry fast and with little risk. Get in touch with our experts to discuss your idea and get started today.

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