FINS Just-In-Time Manufacturing in 4 Easy Steps

FINS Just-In-Time Manufacturing in 4 Easy Steps

FINS is the 1st web-based ERP solution for the watch industry supporting Just-In-Time manufacturing. The system uses lean inventory practices, micro-manufacturing and merchandising and end-to-end traceability managed by an online portal customized for your company. 

It allows your brand to optimize its supply chain, free up cash flow and create and sell new watch collections fast.


FINS Overview


Getting started with Just-in-time manufacturing powered by FINS is easy – benefits start from day one and implementation can be completed in only a few months. Our FINS specialists will audit your supply chain, identify problems and help you to optimize the entire process.


FINS Implementation In 4 Steps


The first step in transforming your supply chain into the fast FINS solution begins with a comprehensive audit of the current supply chain by our manufacturing and logistics specialists. Inventory is adjusted based on past sales and performance and optimized with parts standardization where possible. 

Optimizing inventory and going lean is a key component of FINS and has immediate benefits by greatly reducing inventory carrying costs, to free up valuable cash flow. The process begins immediately and typically, inventories can be reduced from existing levels by as much as 4x or as low as one month’s supply of completed watches.

A full logistics review is done and a customized client distribution network is established from brand to distributors and to retail level as desired. Powerful, time-saving improvements can be implemented during this stage such as dropshipping directly from factory, linking manufacturing to web sales and adding online personalization options for customers.  


Select The Team


Team selection is step 2 and is coordinated with FINS and client organization. Team size is dependent on number of FINS features and functions desired. The team is defined based on your companies needs and can begin with as few as one team member. The FINS online system is intuitive, flexible and agile and can grow with your organization. 

Our team specialists will provide guidance and instruction on the web-based FINS portal and integration with any company ERP that is necessary. 


Define The Product Line


Defining your brands unique product line is step 3 and is an integral part of inventory and manufacturing optimization. When possible, parts standardization is used to further reduce inventory costs and simplify production.

For clients that take advantage of the powerful online micro-merchandising opportunities afforded by FINS, parts standardization allows for cost-efficient personalization for a better consumer experience and brand relationship.  


Select The IT Integration Level

Select the IT level of integration

The final step in FINS setup is selection of the IT integration level. FINS is accessed through an easy online dashboard customized for your brand. All functions including ordering, catalog creation, production monitoring and product traceability are at your fingertips.  

Orders created locally automatically trigger a Just-In-Time production order, inventory adjustment and reorder, and invoicing. There are multiple levels of integration available to work with any client system, streamlining the entire logistics process. 


3 Methods To Place an Order

Getting powered by the FINS Just-In-Time manufacturing and merchandising system for the watch industry puts your brand on the path to profitability fast.

The first steps immediately correct many of the common limitations of traditional supply chains and begin the lean inventory process. Over the following months, the system continues to optimize and improve based on careful sales indicators and results. Non-turning inventory is eliminated, stock volumes are reduced to minimum levels and efficiency and quality control is improved. 


Main Dashboard

Just in Time Manufacturing

Each month on the FINS system continues to improve sales turnover and cash flow. This is achieved primarily through smart merchandising of watch collections segmented by distributor or country to match demands and by using direct dropshipping to speed delivery to as little as 14 days, further reducing costs.

Once the system is in place, the micro-merchandising opportunities of FINS can be realized such as adding limited editions or exclusive collections for different distributor networks or retailers or creating online points of purchase with value added personalization options for customers.

At every step of the way, FINS experts are with you to make sure that you get the most out of the system. 


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