Fins Cloud Erp | Creating Catalogs
& Managing SKUs

As the only cloud ERP manufacturing and merchandising system for the Watch Industry. Fins understands that the needs of each watch brand are different and because of this, it can manage and unlimited number of SKUs, catalogs and collections.

FINS helps you manage different distributor and retailer collections to suit the needs of different markets or regions. Creating separate catalogs just requires a name and a few clicks. The catalog can then be added to the brand collection or assigned to a specific distributor or retailer.

Fins makes catalog creation and management easy

  • Creation of unlimited number of catalogs, each catalog can be assigned to the brand owner, the distributor or the retailer.
  • Based on permissions granted, distribution and retail partners, regardless of location, may access specific collections online for placing and tracking orders directly in the system.
  • Full end-to-end traceability for each user. SKU and watch from production facility to individual.
  • Any orders placed across any catalogs will automatically trigger production and stock re-supply for the exact amount of components needed.

Within each catalog, an unlimited number of SKUs can be created. This flexibility is essential for adding watch customization or personalization as desired from the retail or distribution level. Differing permission levels allow your members of your distribution network to place orders directly or even to create custom SKUs.

The FINS system allows a flexible method for creating catalogs and collections and lets the appropriate distribution partners access their specific collections, check inventory and make orders directly. This also has added benefits for merchandising which will be detailed in another module. With FINS your brand can streamline and consolidate collections and give distribution partners a more efficient method of placing and tracking orders that suits the unique needs of the Watch Industry.

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