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The FINS team understands the unique needs of the Watch Industry and includes features that help brands cope with today's complex market conditions and constantly changing consumer demands. The ability to identify and act instantly on developing trends and consumer desires sets the FINS system apart from typical manufacturing ERPs.

FINS allows brands an unprecendented level of flexibility and control over distribution networks and the ability to offer unlimited watch collections across different markets or regions. With FINS, three levels of distribution is possible each with direct access to collections and catalogs, streamlining operations from factory to store.

Fins makes merchandising easy

  • Flexible distribution with up to 3 distribution levels. Each can be assigned their own catalogs and collections that take advantage of local consumer demand or local best sellers.
  • Based on permissions granted, distribution and retail partners, regardless of location, may access specific collections online for placing and tracking orders directly in the system.
  • Different distributors or retailers can be take advantage of dynamic product creation using the FINS online product design tool.
  • Integrated data analysis can identify valuable selling metrics for each region or retailer, allowing distributors to optimize collections for maximum profit.


With FINS for the Watch Industry, a multi-access structure engages distributors to merchandise themselves based on their specific needs and data collected from their retailers. This direct merchandising can identify best sellers on a store by store level to optimize sales opportunities and increase profit potential. On a permission basis, distributors can even place orders directly, streamlining sales and logistics.

As discussed in the Personalization module, each distribution level or retail location can have a dedicated website integrated with the FINS online product design tool to provide customized watches and personalization options for a better, more inclusive customer experience - the kind of choice that today's consumers expect.

The FINS system is ultimately flexible and has scalable options for unique distribution structures and merchandising options. Creeating and assigning catalogs and collections separately by distributor lets the appropriate partners access their specific collections, check inventory and make orders directly. The ability to check inventory and make collection adjustments at the distribution and retail level provides flexibility and increased profit while keeping inventory levels lean and cost-efficient.

With FINS, your brand can streamline and consolidate collections give distribution partners a more efficient method of placing and tracking orders and optimize merchandising to satisfy the unique needs of every retail location in the distribution network.

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