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One of the key benefits of using an online ERP such as FINS for the watch industry is the ability to quickly check on the status of an order and follow it throughout the entire production process from factory to finish.

With FINS, orders can be easily monitored from the client dashboard and as a cloud-based system, is accessible online for any authorized team member.

FINS improves order management with powerful features

  • Online access for all team members, regardless of location, creates efficiencies, cuts down on unnecessary email communications and streamlines information sharing.
  • Pending, current and past orders are all accessible from a dashboard for easy reference of previous customer orders or to check on the production and delivery date of current orders.
  • Three levels of order monitoring: by order, by SKU or by individual watch using a unique identifier assigned by FINS to every unit.
  • Full end-to-end traceability for each order, SKU and watch from production facility to individual.


FINS puts real-time information at your fingertips regarding every aspect of your brand’s inventory and production. From the brand dashboard, the MY ORDERS tab gives a quick overview. Orders past, pending and current are available with all relevant information displayed.

The global status of any order can be viewed in the STATUS tab with dates and deliveries shown at a glance. Real-time status updates make it easy for any team member to follow order progress through production to delivery. For more information about a particular order, clicking on the detail button accesses a second level of information…

Unlike many manufacturing ERP systems, FINS allows an incredible amount of detail for order tracking and individual item traceability. At the SKU level, production status for each SKU can be viewed with amounts indicated for number of units currently undergoingeach step of the production process.

As watchmakers, we know that certain customizations such as engraving or special orders often are offered within a group of watches of a particular SKU group. Because of this, FINS offers the highest level of order tracking in the industry by assigning each individual unit produced a unique number which enables users to follow production, quality control, packing, shipping and delivery of each individual watch. This unique tracking number has valuable benefits beyond the production stage and is also an integral part of the FINS end-to-end traceability feature discussed in detail in a later module.

The FINS system isa complete end-to-end order management system created specifically for the watch industry. It makes monitoring orders simple, efficient and effective and adds other powerful features not found on generic cloud ERP systems. With FINS, clients enjoy greater levels of order tracking and unit traceability that are specifically designed for the unique needs of the Watch Industry.

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