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All business begins with an order and FINS for the watch industry streamlines order management with a full suite of capabilities that eliminate slowdowns, prevent errors and maintain a seamless flow from sales of manufacturing and from fulfillment to delivery.

Order Management begins from the FINS client dashboard and as a cloud-based system, is accessible for any authorized team member.

Fins makes placing an order easy using 3 methods

  • Like a typical B2B e-commerce platform, orders can be placed via your customized brand catalog - simply browse through collections, select items and quantity then proceed to online checkout. A great option for distributors or distributed teams.
  • If preferred, orders can also be generated by uploading an excel file. The data can be migrated from a client-side ERP and manually sent to the FINS team or uploaded through the online portal.
  • For users with client-side ERP or native software, a tailor-made ordering solution can be implemented by the IT team to fully automate the ordering process. FINS is ultimately flexible, orders can be received by EDI, FTP, XML, XL or manually.
  • All orders are linked to the FINS inventory management and production processes to automatically trigger production of the items and the necessary component replenishment.

Fins further streamlines orders management with powerful added features. It is multi-user friendly and able to receive orders from authorized distributors or retailers that the client is approved. This method has proven to eliminate delays and helps client distribution networks to better manage their own assortments.

Once an order is placed through any of the above methods, an email confirmation for final approval is issued which then automatically triggers a Just-In-Time manufacturing request and the ordered item(s) immediately begin production. Critically, orders are linked to the powerful FINS lean inventory management tools so that placing an order will automatically replenish components and prevent shortages on the future request.

System functionalities don't end at order placement. FINS has advanced management systems that clients use for efficiency and profitability such as online monitoring of orders through every step of the manufacturing process, online packing and invoicing and full traceability from production facility to end user.

The FINS system is a complete end-to-end order management sysem created specifically for the watch industry. It makes ordering simple, efficient and effective and adds other powerful features not found on generic cloud ERP systems. FINS clients are using the system to great effect and transforming from outdated systems to realize real gains from avoiding errors, eliminating slowdowns, controlling lean inventories and driving fulfillment accuracy and efficiency.

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