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In today’s Fast Fashion world, consumers demand more choices and expect new releases on a regular basis. Online shopping has created a marketplace that is more complex and more customer focused than ever before. Not content with simply buying standard fare, customers expect a level of customization in the products they choose, increasingly even, for fashion and luxury items.

The FINS solution for the Watch Industry is flexible, forward looking, and Fast Fashion friendly. It includes powerful tools for watch brands to create custom products and collections in just few clicks.

FINS makes creating new products efficient and fast

  • Creating a new watch is as simply as point & click using a real-time builder. The new watch will be created and displayed visually on-screen based on selected components.
  • Component management is automatic and dynamic. New SKU inventory and component reorder is managed by FINS lean inventory system.
  • Each customized watch can be assigned a unique SKU for future orders.
  • FINS allows an unlimited amount of SKUs.
  • Distributors and retailers can access watch customization of their assigned catalogs based on permission level, allowing unique merchandising opportunities.
  • Custom solutions are available to integrate FINS on a website to offer a “create your own” experience for brand consumers.


Creating a new watch model begins with selecting a collection. The options for each model are determined by the case and movement. Once selected, component selection can begin. Users can choose between compatible Dials, Straps, Hands, and Bezels, resulting in thousands of differing styles.

Once the desired new model is finished, a new SKU will be created with a single click. Each selected component is recorded for the new model within the FINS lean inventory management system. When an order is placed for this new model, it automatically triggers a Just-In-Time manufacturing request and the ordered item(s) immediately begin production. Placing an order will automatically replenish components stock for the new item.

The ability to instantly create new watches and take them to market quickly using a Fast Fashion model is a new and powerful benefit perfect for the ever-changing Watch Industry and even more useful when data analysis is performed. Once a new watch becomes part of a brand or distributor collection, FINS applies advanced selling metrics that identify best sellers, by price, color, type, location and more. This complex level of data analysis allows brands to quickly identify what sells and what doesn’t and give them important feedback to help inform new, more profitable decisions when creating new products.

The FINS dynamic custom model creation feature was created specifically for the watch industry. It makes releasing new models and collections simple, efficient and fast – something not found on generic cloud ERP systems. FINS clients are using product customization to stay ahead of the competition and increase brand output and sales.

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