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Every manufacturing, sales and marketing ERP should include product traceability and the FINS for watch manufacturinghas the most complete traceability tool in the industry. For your business to run smoothly, you should be able to instantly see the status of products both by process by location. The best systems will integrate traceability with marketing functions for better merchandising, after sales service and consumer data collection.

FINS allows end to end tracking of products and customers through the entire product life cycle.

FINS End to End traceability key features

  • End to end traceability from order creation, through all phases of manufacturing and quality control, packing, shipping and delivery
  • Industrial traceability occurs at the moment an order is created. Single items can be tracked using a unique number assigned to each watch. Watches may be laser engraved and paired with a QR Code for easy online tracking.
  • Distributor traceability provides allocation of different watches to selected distributors or retailers and gives distribution partners powerful merchandising options
  • Consumer traceability can be linked to after sales programs and collect consumer data.


Full traceability using FINS for the Watch Industry begins at the moment of order creation. Beyond simple order batch and SKU tracking, each individual watch in the FINS system is automatically assigned a unique identifier and QR Code that enables multi-point tracking and useful merchandising options.

Like other systems, this process allows easy tracking throughout the manufacturing and delivery process but FINS goes beyond that, enabling distribution level traceability at the retail level. Each individual watch QR Code can contain special descriptions for in-store employee training and customer explanation. This tool ensures that your products are properly merchandised and that your customers have the most accurate information available about each particular watch.

FINS end to end traceability doesn’t stop there, it also allows consumer data collection when linked to after sales programs, warranty registration, and consumer database collection.

The FINS end to end traceability feature was created specifically for the watch industry. It provides the most complete tracking in the industry and incorporates important merchandising and after sales features that are unique to the Watch Industry.The FINS solution uses a cloud based ERP with easy online access to instantly identify where any watch is in the product lifecycle and gives clients an important edge for merchandising and customer service.

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