Increases profitability with FINS Cloud Based ERP

Increases profitability with FINS Cloud Based ERP

The FINS cloud based ERP solution is an end to end manufacturing and merchandising tool that completely transforms a traditional supply chain into a lean, agile and fast machine for watch brands. 

One of the most important features of FINS is robust inventory management that supports Just-In-Time manufacturing.

The changing nature of the market and increasing demands from consumers are making fast, agile production an absolute necessity and to achieve this, strict inventory control is critical. Brands can no longer afford to stock large amounts of completed watches or rarely used components. Inventory control is integral to FINS, it continually analyses component stock, makes automatic forecasts of components needed for current and future orders, and automatically re-orders components as they are needed.

Supply Chain Management


Because FINS is integrated with a sales and order generation dashboard, creating an order can automatically adjust inventory value and stock so that perfect inventory levels are always maintained. FINS is dynamic too, it learns more over time, constantly optimizing component levels to stay lean and free up cash flow.

A fully optimized lean inventory can reduce stock by up to 4x and with the FINS system able to deliver completed watches in only 14 days, as low as one month’s supply of stock can be maintained. This means more cash flow for operations, marketing, sales and promotion.

A good cloud based ERP must have the ability to analyze and track every component and analyze trends and forecasts for further optimization. FINS makes managing orders easy, it can be accessed by staff anywhere online for real-time, accurate information. Having the system in the cloud means that local staff as well as distributed teams can instantly share the same information for better coordination and streamlined operations.

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See the video below for more information about how the FINS Cloud ERP Solution supports lean inventories and Just-In-Time manufacturing.

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