MONTRICHARD and FINS ERP have signed an exclusive partnership that will revolutionize watch manufacturing

Montrichard and Fins signed a partnership

Hong Kong, February 6, 2017

MONTRICHARD and FINS ERP have signed an exclusive partnership that will revolutionize watch manufacturing.

The FINS ERP is the first turnkey solution for Just-In-Time production made specifically for the watch industry. It is based on new best practices of micro-merchandising & micro-manufacturing tailor-made for the Fast moving business model.

The FINS solution allows watch brands to restructure their entire supply chain with a 3-4x inventory value reduction, optimization of EBITDA, restructure operations and transformation to lean logistics flows.


FINS optimizes and enables the following:

  • Maintains an extremely lean inventory (as low as one month of sales) and reduction of cash flow needed to finance it.
  • Triggers Just-in-Time manufacturing orders based on sales requests within 10 days, avoiding the need for complex sales forecasts.
  • Ability to create within minutes customized watch collections for each market or retail channel.
  • Online merchandising allowing the creation of unique, personalized products in a few simple clicks rather than weeks of design.
  • Brings down new product time-to-market from a typical 4 months to as low as a few weeks – based on the new components delivery time only.
  • Allows full industrial and distribution traceability for production batches and/or single SKUs to avoid parallel distribution.
  • Creates a consumer database with traceability capable of capturing valuable consumer data for future marketing. 
  • And many more…


MONTRICHARD is a leader of watch manufacturing in Switzerland and China.

With sales Offices in USA, Europe and Hong Kong, Montrichard is a key innovator in the watch industry with a perfect track record of operating Just-In-Time manufacturing for more than 14 years and is a trusted supplier to many worldwide brands.Montrichard is the exclusive distributor of the FINS Solution. For more information about Montrichard:

FINS is a start-up created in 2014 with dual competences in industrial manufacturing and software engineering. It provides turnkey software solutions to improve supply chain management and drastically reduce costs. For more information about FINS:


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