Private Equity Firms Agree That FINS Enabled Watch Companies Are Easier To Sell

Montrichard FINS Solution

Montrichard Group, creator of the FINS cloud ERP solution for the watch industry was recently asked how the solution can help companies that are preparing for acquisition, sale or partnerships.
They asked 5 Private Equity firms to give their insight. The group researched the tools and data that FINS provides and the answer was clear from a financial standpoint…

  • FINS provides significant positive cash flow improvements that make a company more financially robust
  • The inventory and cost reductions realized by FINS lower the acquisition value of an offered company resulting in a higher return on investment for the buyer
  • FINS eliminates obsolete inventory risk potential and dead stock which simplifies inventory valorization
  • FINS companies can respond quickly to market demands and produce new watches and collections faster
  • FINS collects data across distribution channels giving a company greater market vision, a clear understanding of current consumer demands and the ability to remain flexible in an ever-changing market

Further, they identified several additional benefits…

  • FINS streamlines watch supply chains with Lean Inventory practices that make post acquisition restructuring easier
  • The complete supply chain data captured by FINS is intuitive and fully documented, making due diligence easier to accomplish
  • Since the FINS software is specifically designed for watch companies, it neatly ties together essential data more accurately than other ERPs for a better assessment of a watch brand’s prospectus
  • The FINS supply chain is lean, flexible, and fast, constantly analyzing and making adjustments to optimize operations for today and the future

As the only ERP designed specifically for the watch industry, the FINS solution has clear benefits for brands seeking to grow their company through optimization and strategic partnerships as well as those wishing to sell or acquire other watch brands.

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