Swiss Made

Montrichard Group can provide Swiss Made watches with his affiliated company Montrichard S.A located in Chiasso in Switzerland. The Group is offering Swiss Made manufacturing for many years, from quartz to automatics movements. All our Swiss Made products are produced accordingly to the highest standards of the industry.


Watch Glossary

You can easily navigate through the horological jargon glossary, every item are listed alphabetically. We will update the glossary frequently in order to always provide our visitors more information.


Gemstone and Stone Glossary

As a watch manufacturer, Montrichard Group is a specialist of Gemstone and Stone. We work with the best suppliers to produce some of the most beautiful timepieces on the market. Navigate through our dedicated Glossary to know more about the gemstone and stone jargon.


Water Resistance

The water resistance of a watch is measured in bars (a unit of pressure where 1 bar equals 1 atmosphere or ATM).
Manufacturers generally indicate this water-resistance in meters (m), feet (ft), or atmospheres (ATM).