Swiss Made Watch Manufacturing


Montrichard Manufacture in Switzerland

Montrichard S.A a traditional Swiss watches maker, located in Chiasso, Switzerland, is an affiliated company to Montrichard. Between Montrichard technical and sourcing abilities and the traditional know how of Montrichard S.A., the group is offering Swiss Made manufacturing for now many years, from quartz to automatics movements.
Specialized in production on demand and fast replenishment programs, each watch will be produced accordingly to the highest standards of the industry.


Swiss Made Watches

According to the Swiss Law, a watch is Swiss Made if:

  • Its movement is Swiss and has been cased up in Switzerland
  • The manufacturer carries out the final inspection in Switzerland
  • The dial can display the label “Swiss Made”


Swiss Movement

For a watch, to be considered Swiss Movement:

  • The movement has to be assembled and inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland.
  • The Swiss components should account for at least 50 percent of the total value (excluding cost of assembly).

If a watch meets all of those criteria but is cases-up outside Switzerland, it may say “Swiss Movement” and the label “Swiss Made” would probably not be displayed on the dial or case.


“Swiss Parts” Movement

A watch is a “Swiss Parts” if the movement is not assembled in Switzerland but still consist Swiss made components. However it is seldom mentioned on watch dials and watches cannot have the “Swiss Made” nor “Swiss Movement” label.