The Top 5 Reasons to Use a FINS Watch Supplier

The Top 5 Reasons to Use a FINS Watch Supplier

The FINS solution for the watch industry has had a transformative impact on watch manufacturing over the last few years. As the 1st Cloud ERP solution created specifically for the Watch Industry supporting Just-In-Time manufacturing, FINS uses lean inventory practices, micro-manufacturing and advanced merchandising to enable cost savings and marketing opportunities previously unavailable to watch brands.

This unique lean manufacturing system for watch brands has a host of useful features that watch brands are utilizing to speed manufacture, increase sales and save money. With the powerful FINS features, watch brands are gaining critical advantages over their competition and transforming their companies for the future by leveraging smart manufacturing technology.

Here are the top 5 reasons to switch to a FINS-enable supplier today.


1. Reduce Inventory up to 4x

Don’t pay for inventory until it is necessary. This simple idea is a cornerstone of the FINS system. FINS utilizes Lean Inventory practices by carefully analyzing past and current sales, applying component standardization, as well as constantly monitoring and identifying slow moving and dead stock. By creating a new inventory plan base on this model, FINS can drastically reduce component stock and eliminate dead inventory. Typical inventory carrying cost reductions of 4x or more are common.

In many cases, the FINS solution can reduce overall inventory by two-thirds and require only as little as 30 day’s supply of completed watches.


2. Free up Cash Flow up to 70%

Imagine if your company’s cash flow could be increased drastically in the next few months. How would it change the way you conduct business? With FINS, inventory optimization and reduction makes this possible. Conversion to a lean inventory model begins to free up cash flow immediately and within 6 months can reduce inventory carrying costs up to 70%, a direct boost to company net cash flow that can be used for business operations and marketing rather than sitting in non-turning inventory.

FINS gives your company the flexibility and opportunities of increased cash flow.


3. Create Customized Products Instantly

One of the biggest limitations of traditional mass manufacturing in the watch industry is the inability to capitalize on the latest market demands and respond quickly. With the FINS system for the watch industry in place, the full capabilities of your manufacturer are at your fingertips. FINS uses a Cloud-based online portal and powerful real-time product creation tools that make adding new watches to your catalog easy. It’s fully integrated with your brand’s catalogs and available component inventory to customize and create new watches in minutes.

With FINS, you see new watch creations take shape in real-time on-screen with component pricing. Then, simply add it to your collection and generate a manufacturing order instantly if desired. Imagine the possibilities.


4. Streamline Operations from Sales to Delivery

A common problem with large watch companies is the fact that procurement, manufacturing, sales and admin are disconnected from one another, creating bottlenecks, miscommunications and slowdowns. The FINS system is a complete end-to-end order management system created specifically for the watch industry. It is ultimately flexible, customizable and has scalable options for each brands unique manufacturing needs, distribution structures and sales & merchandising requirements.

FINS Cloud-based ERP system puts real-time information at your fingertips regarding every aspect of your brand’s supply chain directly for fast, flexible, and cost-effective company administration.


5. Increase Profitability – Up to 50%

Traditional manufacturing suffers from inefficiencies in every industry, it’s the reason that Cloud ERPs and Smart Manufacturing are flourishing. The FINS Cloud ERP system for the watch industry creates efficiencies at the inventory, manufacturing, shipping and retail levels that add sales without additional investments, thereby increasing gross margins significantly. Watches are only produced when they are needed and dead inventory is eliminated. Additional efficiencies are achieved across the board by streamlining operations from sales to delivery and providing easy online management of the entire watch supply chain.

With FINS, profit increases begin immediately and increase each month within the first year of implementation while your brand becomes modern, flexible, and futureproof.

The revolutionary FINS system for the Watch Industry is an all-in-one solution that speeds up production, reduces inventory and gives watch brands immediate and on-going cost savings and more profit.

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