3D Watch Rendering

The use of compelling visuals to attract customers has always been important for fashion and luxury products such as watches. As the industry has gone digital, with many sales and customer experiences taking place online, high definition images and presentations for e-commerce have become essential.

3D Watch Product Rendering is now the new standard for watch presentation. It produces more realistic representations of products, giving customers the best way to view a watch without physically examining it.

As we have learned over the years of working with watch brands, effective use of 3D watch designs on websites, social media and marketing campaigns significantly boosts sales and improves the overall customer experience.

At Montrichard we specialize in 3D rendering for watches. Our skilled in-house team creates high quality, professional level 3D visuals for online use or for print.


3D Watch Modeling Process Timeline and Deliverables

We utilize 3D watch models as the basis of creating photographic designs and aesthetic images based on any given specifications.

Typically, a watch’s image production will take 3 days. However, in cases where there are alterations or additional changes requested, a waiting period of one week is advised.

Our watch 3D modelling work is done using Solidworks and Rhino. Solidworks is the industry standard for Industrial Design & 3D Engineering work.

Watch rendering is done in Keyshot, the industry leader for product rendering and the lighting is created using HDR Lightstudio, another powerful special software.


Montrichard provides unique and attractive 3D watch designs that will help drive sales. These designs can be used for the following:

A. Marketing Specials - For existing Montrichard customers who already have products on the market or have new prototypes ready for manufacturing.

  • Web - For a company website or partner websites such as Amazon, Walmart and crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo.
  • Print - For product packaging and other marketing materials such as magazines, brochures, pamphlets, flyers and billboards.
  • Video – 3D produces a more interactive and informative way of introducing your product and demonstrating its value to customers.

B. Pre-visualization Needs - For clients using Montrichard Starter Packs to create a new watch or for others who are in the process of producing prototypes and require pre-visuals to further improve their designs, for product presentation to investors or for preparing a product launch.

3D Watch Rendering Pricing, Quotations and 3D Pack Services


Prices are based on the complexity of the model and the specifications required for the 3D outputs.

For a faster price quotation, a watch’s images or an existing watch 3D model may be sent by email with encryption and high security measures to ensure the confidentiality of the information. Our professional team will review it and will send a confirmation within 48 hours.


For those clients who are unsure of their exact needs, a standard price can be provided using our quick quote service. 

3D Pack Service is the best way for a new watch company to get a quick price quote. Although it may differ in price, it still ensures a quality service at a reasonable price.



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