Real-Time Online Watch Customization for E-commerce


Online shopping has forever changed the retail landscape. Every product from clothing to jewelry to automobiles can be purchased online and watch brands have followed suit, developing ecommerce solutions that streamline operations and save their customers time and money.

But as ecommerce matures and competition grows, consumers are demanding more than simple online buying. Today’s consumers have come to expect a greater degree of involvement and choice when it comes to making purchases. For everything from shoes to watches, consumers want a level of product personalization that allows them to buy their favorite brands while still enjoying a sense of originality and individualism.

As a dedicated watchmaker for more than 20 years, Montrichard has witnessed the fashion and luxury industry change inevitably from brick and mortar retail to an ecommerce model where instant product personalization and fast production is expected. In today’s market, speed, flexibility and innovation are essential to retain current customers and earn new ones.

Thus, we developed the “Create Your Own” Website Module to provide real-time product customization for online watch sellers.



It’s the concept behind Montrichard’s unique watch personalization tools and website ecommerce solution that gives your customers the power to choose. With the CYO Module integrated into your brand’s website, shoppers can design their own custom watches in real-time using an intuitive visual builder, then purchase it instantly.


Using the CYO Module customized for your brand, customers can personalize their watch by selecting and configuring options such as the case, ring, crown, strap, hands dial, as well as text and engraving. The system is smart, using pre-determined standardizations and live inventory levels to provide every possible combination of choices available for a selected model. For the customer, the interface is simple, they can see a 3D rendering in real-time of what their customized watch will look like. With just a few clicks, they can create the perfect watch for themselves or their loved ones. Once their personalized creation is ready, a purchase will automatically initiate a production order, allowing the fastest possible delivery of their bespoke watch.


Adding value to your watches with a customer-centric focus on personalization is one of the most successful ways to achieve and retain customer loyalty and boost sales. It also levels the playing field for any brand from startup to enterprise level with a cost effective turnkey solution that can be integrated into existing ecommerce websites.


At Montrichard, your success is our success. We don’t apply a one-price-fits-all to our CYO solution. Our team will identify the exact features and options that will add the most valuable features to your ecommerce store and create a custom package price for your brand.