Watch Manufacturing Through Smart Production


Montrichard is a watch manufacturer, with more than 20 years experience in producing timepieces.

In-house design and R&D teams with established experience, allows Montrichard to quickly answer to demanding requirements and create from scratch whole programs and collections with rigorous quality standards.

Montrichard watch manufacturing also provides the following services:

  • Full QC lab with IQC, EQC, QA and FQC dedicated teams
  • 2d and 3d designs teams, allowing fast prototyping services
  • Multiple packing systems with security tags, bar coding, QR codes among others
  • Large warehouse facilities if you need to ship via pallets

Our core competencies in manufacturing watches include the following types of products:

  • Cases: Steel, titanium, ceramic, sterling silver, goldcarats and more
  • Trim: A certified setting and sorting team for diamonds and precious stones
  • Movements: All types of analogs, from quartz to automatics, Japanese and Swiss. We also develop solutions for the connected watch industry