The Service Center performs warranty covered reparations and standard reparations & services. To repair your watch, please follow the Watch Repair Process.


Warranty Covered Reparations
Warranty Covered Reparations are the reparations covered by the warranty of your watch.


Standard Reparations & Services
The Service Center performs standard reparations and services that are not included in the warranty or that concern watches with expired warranty.


Repair Pricing Grid
Montrichard Group Service Center provides a simple pricing grid. Click here to see the Repair Pricing Grid [+/-]


Important Facts Regarding Repair Service and Process
Once your watch is received, the Service Center will confirm with you, via email, the reparations that need to be made according to the Repair Pricing grid (see above).
Payment will be made to the Service Center through a Paypal Invoice. Then payment can be made by credit card or Paypal account.