Meet the Future of Watchmaking with the Montrichard Group

  The Montrichard Group is a watchmaking company established for over 20 years ago. In order to help our customers reach their goals, the Montrichard Group has offices based in Europe, Asia, and the USA.In the interest of long-term investment and innovation strategy, we use the latest technology and provide the best quality standards. Since its establishment, the Montrichard Group has been a regular exhibitor at all the most important worldwide watch events such as Baselworld in Switzerland and HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair.  

Watch Manufacturing Program using Smart Production

The Montrichard Group is the only watchmaker using Just-In-Time Manufacturing, also known as Just-In-Time Production. Our methodology assures reduced workflow times within production and allows us to be very responsive in delivering to customers. We believe that the Just-in-Time approach is the future of the watch industry and will revolutionize it just as it has for the fashion industry, contributing to the world’s most successful fashion brands such as Zara, H&M and Uniqlo. To power this innovative system, the Montrichard Group utilizes a web-based solution called FINS to allow our customers to manage their supply chain in the most efficient way and to hold less than one month of finished products as inventory.  

Smartwatch Development and Manufacturing Program

Since 2014, Montrichard has provided its customers with a complete Smartwatch program making the company one of the key players in this important new market. Using our skilled in-house development team and partnering with major electronics suppliers in Asia, Montrichard helps watch brands overcome technology barriers and enter the smartwatch market quickly! If you need more details about our products, services or any other information, send us a message in the contact section.  


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For more details about our products, services or any other information, send us a message in the contact section. Please share as many details as possible in order to receive the most precise possible answer. A Montrichard team member will get in touch with you within 2 business days. READ MORE >>




A watch manufacturing program needs to be structured around a cost target and quality specifications. Montrichard Group has a dedicated team in key locations to help you reach your goal on a global scale. You can visit us in Europe, Asia and USA for more information about our products and services for the watch industry. READ MORE >>