FINS Cloud ERP Feature Tour – Monitoring Orders Production

FINS is the 1st web-based ERP solution for the watch industry supporting Just-In-Time manufacturing. The system uses lean inventory practices, micro-manufacturing and merchandising with end-to-end traceability managed by an online portal customized for your watch brand. 

One of the key benefits of using an online ERP such as FINS for the watch industry is the ability to quickly check on the status of an order and follow it throughout the entire production process from factory to finish.


With FINS, orders can be easily monitored from the client dashboard and as a cloud-based system, is accessible online for any authorized team member.

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FINS improves order monitoring with powerful features

Online access for all team members, regardless of location, creates efficiencies, cuts down on unnecessary email communications and streamlines information sharing. 

Pending, current and past orders are all accessible from a dashboard for easy reference of previous customer orders or to check on the production and delivery date of current orders. 

Three levels of order monitoring: by order, by SKU or by individual watch using a unique identifier assigned by FINS to every unit. 

Full end-to-end traceability for each order, SKU and watch from production facility to individual.