FINS Strategy and Implementation in a Few Steps

    Most of our customers choose to implement FINS using the following strategy:

Months 1 to 6: Supply chain audit and initial implementation

  • Past sales & Products performance review
  • Standardization when possible, of components
  • Logistics process full review
  • End of Month 5: typically is the launch of the FINS platform

Months 6 to 12: Leaning of inventory and drastic cash-flow improvements

The goal here is mostly FINANCIAL, helping FINS customers to improve their cash flow dramatically by:

  • Reducing overall inventory of complete watches from existing level to as low as one months of sales volume in stock
  • Eliminating non-turning inventory
  • Using FINS to reorder only the products which are selling
  • Therefore, after 6 months the inventory is dramatically reduced, while efficiency and quality control are increased.

Months 12 to 18: Cash flow optimization

  • The goal during this time is to improve the sales turnover while ALSO improving cash flow by:
  • Creating domestic merchandising collections per country or per retailer to match their demand. This can immediately grow sales by 10-15% without adding any costs
  • Maintaining customer inventory level at one month’s stock, BUT reducing the overall amount of watches by directly allocating third-party distributors to dropship directly from China (Or Switzerland) – as FINS customers usually continue dropshipping for their own country, but use direct dropshipping for any others geographical zones, specifically China)

After 18 Months: Second stage optimization

Improving sales figures by:

  • Adding limited editions or exclusive collections per distribution network, countries, or retailers
  • Opening or revisiting new segments of distribution due to the change in the value chain – at this point, managing distributors becomes much easier


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