Montrichard and TCL announce a strategic partnership for a new smartwatch ecosystem

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China’s biggest mobile device company and a respected Swiss watchmaker provide any watch brand with smartwatch capabilities.


Hong Kong, March 7th, 2017

An exciting strategic alliance has been announced between a traditional watchmaker – Montrichard and TCL a worldwide leader in mobile phone manufacturing.

Recognizing that meteoric rise of smartwatches as the fastest growing segment of the watch industry, two respected companies have formed a partnership that will help any watch brand overcome the technological barriers necessary to enter the smartwatch market quickly and successfully.

Combining the Montrichard Group’s 25 years of watch design and manufacturing experience with the software and mobile phone expertise of TCL, the strategic partnership signed in March of 2017 creates a number of high-end turnkey smartwatch solutions for the watch industry.

Complicated supply chains, costly research and development and complex tech integrations have created significant barriers for traditional watchmakers and new brands to enter the smartwatch market. The Connected Future smartwatch solutions solve all these issues and allow any brand to enter the market with an end-to-end supply chain for software and hardware-ready watches based on trusted TCL technologies and proven Montrichard manufacturing.

Connected Future, the name of the new entity will offer the first multi-device ecosystem able to operate with a single App. (Dec, 2017). The Connected Future device ecosystem includes all smartwatch interfaces: Analog-digital with connected hands control, integrated LED, full OLED display, smart strap technologies and more.

Montrichard will support manufacturing options for Swiss made or China made watches while TCL will support the software and module manufacturing. This unique solution backed by the best manufacturers in the industry will help any brand implement a clear manufacturing strategy for smartwatches.

About Montrichard

MONTRICHARD is a leader of watch manufacturing in Switzerland and China.

With sales Offices in USA, Europe and Hong Kong, Montrichard is a key innovator in the watch industry with a perfect track record of operating Just-In-Time manufacturing for more than 14 years and is a trusted supplier to many worldwide brands.Montrichard is the exclusive distributor of FINS – The First Lean Manufacturing Solution for the watch industry. For more information about Montrichard:

About TCL

TCL is a global leader of mobile device and consumer goods and one of China’s largest tech companies.TCL Communication, incorporated in Hong Kong is committed to providing customers with smart devices and ultimate experiences with mobile phones, tablets, smart and wearable devices. TCL is a global manufacturer and internet service provider with over 75,000 employees worldwide. It provides globally a rich portfolio of products and services under three key brands – TCL, Alcatel and Blackberry.

About Connected Future

Connected Future is a strategic partnership between Montrichard and TCL with creates a number of high-end turnkey smartwatch solutions for the watch industry. Connected Future products lets any watch brand enter the smartwatch industry fast. For more information about Connected Future:


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