The watch industry has enjoyed a proud tradition of craftsmanship and prestige however, it is having difficulties reinventing itself for the digital age. Caught by surprise at the rise of e-commerce, consumer demand for fast fashion, and the growing threat of smartwatches, most brands find themselves ill-prepared for today’s ever-changing marketplace.

The traditional sales and supply chain model is obsolete. It depends on inaccurate sales forecasts, lengthy production and delivery times and wholesale distribution models that create a disconnect between consumer desires and watchmakers.

These outdated supply chain methods cause overproduction, non-turning inventory, and cash flow issues that inflate overhead and often result in the need for costly product returns or liquidations.

Our vision is to offer an entirely new end-to-end supply chain concept that considers not only procurement and manufacturing, but distribution, sales and marketing.

In fact, micro-merchandising for customers shopping in retail or online, linked to production, creates a unique ‘up to the minute’ reference that triggers micro-manufacturing that can produce and ship a watch in less than 2 weeks – the best turnaround on bespoke watches in the industry.

Capturing user input at the front of the production cycle rather than at the end, achieves the efficiency of fast fashion while maintaining the cost savings of lean manufacturing practices. The results speak for themselves: less inventory carrying costs, more cash flow, better profit margins and most importantly, a better experience for customers.


  • Transparency - our partners and clients understand our process and know the exact cost structure of their products.
  • Flexibility - we customize each solution for the specific distribution model of the client.
  • Creativity - because effective supply chain management today requires thinking ‘outside the box’.
  • Agility – a system that is fully scalable and can be adjusted for volume or to add new services.
  • Innovative – each of the videos below demonstrates in detail how these benefits are achieved.
  • Quality – guides every part of the system and manufacturing process and our quality control team has ultimate oversight.
  • Financial benefits – proven supply chain and sales improvements that GUARANTEE yearly profitability and positive cash flow.


  • Montrichard presents FINS - Manufacturing and merchandising
    SaaS solution for the watch industry

    FINS benefits for watch brands explained in 30 seconds.

  • Montrichard & FINS – A Fast Fashion Model for Watch

    The FINS solution enables Fast Fashion manufacturing of
    watches in as little as 10 days.

  • The FINS Cloud ERP Solution for the Watch Industry

    FINS provides micro-manufacturing and micro-merchandising specialized for watch brands.

  • Montrichard and FINS: A Revolutionay Vision of Watch

    A behind the scenes look at the FINS solution in action.

  • The FINS Financial Profit Model explained by Jean-Roch Martin.

    How the FINS solution reduces inventory costs, frees up
    cash flow, and increases profit.

  • Creating New Watches using FINS combined with SEIKO’s Time Module.

    How combining two powerful systems creates more options for watch brands.

  • The FINS Solution for the Watch Industry - with Francis Gouten

    An opinion from F Gouten, Former CEO of Richemont Group Asia &
    Cartier International

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